About Us

Born from the founders who introduced you to Northwoods Humidors, Maxfield Cigar Accessories emerged from the deep-rooted love of over 13,000 faithful customers. With a fierce spirit of quality and transparency, we at Maxfield stand tall as a testament to nearly a decade of invaluable customer feedback. We are guided by the voices of this cherished clientele and have promised to create a brand that epitomizes everyone's desires - all-American, luxury cigar accessories.

With every stroke of careful refinement and ingenious creativity, Maxfield continues to design accessories that set new standards of elegance and authenticity in the realm of cigar accoutrements. Maxfield Cigar Accessories are made for the ambitious, the go-getters, and the champions of their fields. Our meticulously crafted items are tokens of our gratitude to our customers, reflecting the years of dedication and tireless effort we poured into their creation. They are our tribute to your accomplishments, for indeed, you've earned it.

Whether pursued as a cherished hobby, gifted as a testament of appreciation, or embraced as a fiery passion, our products promise durability that spans a lifetime, ready to be passed down as treasured heirlooms for generations.

Welcome to the Maxfield legacy.